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3D Virtual Mannequin customizable by what shoppers value most: fit silhouette.

Enter The New Era of Experiental Shopping

IRISPHERA for Forward-thinking Fashion Retailers​

We are passionate about innovation, technology and e-commerce, and especially the speed and scale of AI optimization. We are the creators of the AI recommendation system based on the user’s profile that drives retail innovation by providing personalized fit, size and stylistic recommendations and virtual try-on for shoppers. We are the team your business needs to take the next step.

Sustainability is our mission and we say YES to the Planet by promoting conscious shopping and less waste.

Our team is your team! Find out today how IRISPHERA can help you achieve your desired business outcomes too!

Why us

Driving more loyalty and engagement

Customize your 3D mannequin > Choose from the brand`s virtual catalog > 3D Virtual Try-On.

What the system can do for you

AI assisted virtual clothing deposit

AI feature detection system for garments

Generating 3D clothing models using images

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