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The perfect partner for your fashion business

IRIS, the AI-powered personal stylist and 3D customizable mannequin tailored for your customers.

Our solutions

Ai personal stylist

Help users in discovering the best clothing tailored to their silhouette and color scheme.

3D Virtual Try-On

Allow your customers to virtually try on clothing, replicating the in-store experience online.

Clothing Digitalization

Automatically convert your clothing photos into 3D models.
Two pictures only! Front and back.

AI Personal Stylist

We prioritize efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to help your customers save time by curating outfits that perfectly align with their unique silhouette, complementing their individual color scheme, and ensuring the right size every time.

Benefits for early adapters

For your customers

  • Offer a unique and interactive online shopping experience.
  • Save time: AI stylist curates personalized outfits in real time.
  • Guarantee a perfect fit from the comfort of their homes.

For your business

  • Boost sales and customer retention rate
  • Encourage sustainable shopping while minimizing returns
  • Understand your customers, forecast inventory

About us

We’re a dedicated team, always ready for challenges. With expertise in fashion business, research, data science, and computer vision, our mission is to transform online shopping through innovation and sustainability. Irisphera serves as a fashion tech ecosystem, offering solutions designed to help your online fashion business excel and deliver engaging and personalized online shopping experiences for your customers.

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